Financial Planning

The Bannon & Company Financial Planning Philosophy

The Bannon & Company approach to financial planning helps clients make important decisions about investments, retirement, insurance, taxes, and transferring assets to heirs. The process is the sum of all activities necessary to accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth in the most cost-effective, tax-efficient manner possible.

What we do

We begin with what's most important to clients—their goals. Then, by exploring the financial planning process, we determine which variables require immediate attention and which are more long-term in nature. From our findings, we'll assemble a written implementation plan for our clients' financial future and monitor it to keep them on track.

Financial planning encompasses:

      Accumulation: how to target asset growth

Risk management: how to protect assets

Taxation: how to minimize tax burdens

Business planning: how to grow and manage business assets/corporate benefit programs

Retirement planning: how to target distribution of assets in a tax-advantaged way

Estate planning: how to preserve assets

How we do it

1. Establish and define the relationship with the client

2. Gather client data

3. Analyze and evaluate the client's financial status

4. Develop and present the financial planning recommendation(s)

5. Implement the financial planning recommendation(s)

6. Monitoring

We are active partners in your financial success. Bannon & Company understands that our clients have unique concerns in planning their financial futures. We listen to each client and develop individualized strategies to address their specific needs. Bannon & Company will also work with our clients' trusted legal counsel and accounting professionals toward the achievement of shared goals. We believe that our knowledge and acumen is further enhanced by additional perspectives. That is why we welcome the engagement of a client's entire financial team—to strengthen the active management of financial plans and investment portfolios.