About Us

About Us

The Bannon & Company Business Philosophy

Bannon & Company is a client-centered financial consulting and investment management firm that strives to achieve understandable and attainable goals. We believe that every dollar is important to our clients and view the advisor-client relationship as a partnership working toward and maintaining financial success. Bannon & Company operates on the principles of freedom, honor, and integrity.

Freedom:  We believe in the power to determine action without restraint. Whether the ultimate objective is to protect wealth, to generate cash flow, or to grow assets, we work to focus and enhance our clients' overall financial strategy with thoughtful and independent counsel. 

Honor:  We believe being associated and doing business with respected people, groups, and organizations is an earned privilege. We value the trust and confidence that has been placed upon us.

Integrity:  We believe in character and adhering to moral and ethical principles.

We believe in relationships that go beyond money and we work to create an open and evolving relationship that our clients come to value. A large percentage of our clients come to Bannon & Company through referrals from other professional service providers and from satisfied clients. They also come to us having complex situations or sophisticated needs. At Bannon & Company, we believe we can help make a difference in the long-term performance of client investment and planning strategies.

Bannon & Company chose to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, one of the leading independent broker/dealers in the United States. This alliance with Commonwealth ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to help achieve their goals. In addition, Commonwealth assists us in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support.

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